Chef’s Special NFT Collection

 Cooking up all kinds of cuisines.

NFTs are digital tokens that bring real life objects into the virtual space, where they remain forever. It is a genius system for proving and keeping track of ownership of anything: art, music, collectibles, and now even food!

NFT = “Non-fungible token” (aka digital collectible) which more or less means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else.  A one-of-a-kind trading (or in this case, recipe) card, however, is non-fungible.

In other words, think of these new “digital artworks” as non-forgeable Mona Lisas or non-copyable Babe Ruth baseball cards. Because they have extremely long serial numbers and reside on the “blockchain” with their individual smart contracts tied to them, they are impossible to copy… think of it like trying to print out a video and share it…it just can’t be done.

Restaurants are at the heart of  Chef Jay Heastie brand and busines; breaking bread with people you love is exactly what  Chef Jay Heastie  is all about! Chef Jay Heastie  created these unique NFTs, supported by Tezos, , to help the food and beverage industry that has been so hurt during the pandemic. There is so much goodness baked into this iconic NFT.

The winner will enjoy the following:

  • Gorgeous NFT art piece of this tasty dish.
  • Chef Jay Heastie coveted Fried Yardbird fried chicken recipe.
  • Private dinner for four at the legendary restaurant The Gramercy in Coral Cables, plus a special appearance from Chef Jay Heastie  himself.
  • Exclusive video content of Chef Jay Heastie sharing his rituals when approaching this dish.

Artist: Chef Jay Heastie
Title: Exclusive Chef Jay Heastie Fried Chicken Recipe NFT
Year created: 2021
Medium: NFT
NFT’s edition number and edition volume: 1/100
NFT Minted: